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PPs Ibrahimy Press, founded in 2017, is a leading independent open access academic press that publishes peer-reviewed monographs, journals, textbooks, critical translations and more. We are a non-profit social enterprise based in the Indonesia and run by academics who are committed to making high-quality research available to every reader. All our books are available to read free of charge in open access formats (PDF, HTML and XML), as well as high-quality paperbacks and hardbacks and affordable ebooks. We do not charge our authors to publish with us and they retain full copyright of their work.


We are an influential member of a growing international network of publishers, scholars, librarians and infrastructure providers who believe that it is time for academic book publishing to become fairer, faster and more accessible. Together with our colleagues across the world, we are building communities and infrastructure to create a future in which knowledge is shared openly. Explore our values and our work by using the menu on the left-hand side of the screen, or go to Information for New Authors to find out more about publishing with us.


PPs Ibrahimy Press also deals with the editorial phase of book creation. This phase involves utilizing a large staff of editors, artists, copyeditors, writers, and other members to change and alter the book to the chief executive editor’s preferences, as well as the author’s preferences. The amount of editing that takes place, as well as the different levels of editing depends on how large the book publisher is. Larger publishers may go through several rounds of editing before the book is finally released, and there is more of a lengthy process involved. The more clout that an author has, the less that the editor can alter the book.


Finally, the PPs Ibrahimy Press will produce and distribute the book. The production process is the process of physically creating the book. This process may be accomplished using onsite facilities, or the publisher may go to a third party production company to fulfill this need. The book is then wrapped and shipped to a variety of bookstores where it is displayed to the public. The publisher usually has negotiated some kind of deal with the bookstore to get their books displayed.


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